Senin, 24 Maret 2008

Jeff Beck

Listen Jeff Beck play music now :

Geoffrey Arnold ("Jeff") Beck (born June 24, 1944 to Arnold and Ethel Beck in Wallington, Greater London) is an English rock guitarist. He was one of three noted guitarists — the others being Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page — to have recorded with the band The Yardbirds. Beck has never attained the sustained commercial success of his fellow Yardbirds guitarists, though the band, along with Beck, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Jeff Beck wise-cracked at the ceremony stating: “ Someone told me I should be proud tonight...But I'm not, because they kicked me out. Fuck them! (Laughs)... ”
Much of his output has been instrumental, and his releases have spanned genres, ranging from blues-rock, heavy metal, jazz fusion and (currently) a blend of guitar-rock and electronica. This versatility has made it difficult for Beck to establish and maintain a broad following. Nevertheless, Beck has gained wide critical acclaim for his work as a guitarist.[1] He has won four Grammy awards in the category for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Away from the stage, Beck is an avid collector of American-style hot rods. Hot rods are a recurring theme in many of his more recent albums.

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