Senin, 29 Oktober 2007

Strange Guitar

Buy A VW, Get A Guitar

In one of the most bizarre bits of marketing we’ve seen, Volkswagen announced today that any customer that buys or leases a 2007 Jetta, Jetta GLI, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle and New Beetle Convertible will get a custom guitar that can play through the car’s audio system. Each guitar is custom made to match the car itself: it comes in the same color and has the car’s Vehicle Identification Number displayed on it, in addition to various VW emblems. Obviously, the marketing campaign, featuring rocker Slash and sort-of rocker John Mayer, is for the First Act guitar company itself, but we’re guessing VW hopes to sell a few more cars at the same time. Click below for a closer look at the First Act GarageMaster model VW buyers will get.

Licata Custom Knives & Guitars

Four layers of 304 non magnetic stainless steel
Jackson pickups, schaller tuneomatic bridge and an ebony frett board - $8,000

X Series WRXT Warrior

Basswood body (with flame maple veneer on trans finishes), bolt-on maple neck, compound radius rosewood fingerboard, Duncan Designed™ Detonator™ humbucking pickups, Jackson double-locking tremolo and chrome hardware.

KE2 Kelly

A Jackson classic. Alder body, quartersawn eastern hard rock maple neck (through body), compound radius ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncan® humbucking pickups, Floyd Rose® Original tremolo and black hardware. Available with flame maple top and chrome hardware on trans finishes.

Pro Series DK2M Dinky

Alder body (with flame maple veneer on trans finishes), bolt-on maple neck, compound radius maple fingerboard, Seymour Duncan® humbucking pickups, Jackson low-profile double-locking tremolo and black hardware.

KV2T King V

A true Jackson beauty. Mahogany body, three-piece mahogany neck (through body), compound radius ebony fingerboard, 24 3/4" scale, Seymour Duncan® humbucking pickups, string-through-body bridge and black hardware. Available with chrome hardware on trans finishes.

Kevin Bond Signature Rhoads

Mahogany body, mahogany neck (through body) with compound radius ebony fingerboard featuring pentagram inlays, ivoriod binding on neck and headstock, one Seymour Duncan® “Iommi” humbucking pickup in the bridge position, adjustable JT390 bridge with Schaller® fine-tuning tailpiece, black hardware and blood red Jackson logo.

Pro Series RR24 Rhoads

The real metal deal—delivers the goods in the spirit of its legendary namesake. The RR24 Randy Rhoads guitar is a 24-fret no-nonsense neck-through-body monster with a single, brutal EMG® 81 humbucking bridge pickup, ebony fingerboard, Floyd Rose® tremolo, single volume knob and black hardware. Beware.

Roswell Rhoads Chlorine Custom Shop Small Batch

12 Piece Limited Edition.
Mahogany body with quilt maple top. Quartersawn maple speed neck, ebony fretboard with Abalone Sharkfin inlays. Tunomatic brodge with strings thru the body. Bone nut, Gotoh tuners, gold plated hardware, Abalone knob tops & logo.

Death Angel Archtop TBK

This gorgeous archtop was carved by Masterbuilder Pablo Santana.

Alder body, ¾” flame maple carved top, quartersawn maple speed (thin profile) neck, flame maple headcap, 25.5” scale length, 24 Jumbo frets, Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Grim Reaper Scythe inlays on ebony fretboard, black hardware, Original Floyd Rose non-recessed tremolo, Jackson Gotoh tuners, EMG-81 pickup, .09-.42 string guage, 1 volume control, Trans Black stained finish, Mother of Pearl Jackson logo.

Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2007

Angus Young Signature SG

Firebird VII

V-Factor X (Flying V)


Firebird V

Les Paul Standard

SG Standard

Gibson's new solidbody guitar of the '60s, the SG, broke through traditional concepts of solidbody electrics and became an instant classic. The SG body style has remained in production since its first appearance in 1961.

Guitar & Bas String

Other unique guitar.

Jumat, 26 Oktober 2007

five-neck Guitars

Electric Guitar detail (five-neck custom model) Hamer Guitars, 1981

Pikasso Four necks - Two sound holes - 42 strings

Pikasso Four necks. Two sound holes. 42 strings. Two access doors; one on the upper player's side and one at the tail block.

Created by luthier Linda Manzer for guitarist Pat Metheny, the instrument took 2 years to build (approximately 1000 hours), and when the 42 strings are strung up to high tension, the Pikasso is under approximately 1000 lbs pressure. It weighs 6.7 kg or 14 3/4 lbs.

The body is tapered so that the side closest to the player is thinner than the side that rests on the players knee, thus leaning the top back towards the player for a more aerial view. This is also more comfortable under the player's arm.

The instrument is outfitted with a complete state of the art piezo pickup system. (Designed and installed by Mark Herbert, Boston)

This included a hexaphonic pickup on the 6 string section that allowed Metheny to access his Syclavier computer system thus triggering any sound including sampled sounds.

Two mounting holes on the treble side (knee side) so that the guitar can be mounted on internal brass insets attaching to a stand, leaving hands free for playing or viewing.

12-neck stratocaster

the bonkers art of Yoshihiko Satoh. His 12-neck stratocaster

Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007

Paul Gilbert Ibanez PGM

Ibanez PGM is an electric guitar from Ibanez, which was first produced in 1990. The guitar is Racer X and Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert's signature guitar model. As of 2007 Ibanez has publicly released 15 PGM guitars including two anniversary models and the acoustic PGA1000.

Most PGM model guitars have the same body shape as the Ibanez RG guitar models with removed tone knob and volume knob placed to Paul Gilbert's personal prefrence. Although PGM guitars come in various colors they all have two fake F-holes that make them easily distinguishable from an Ibanez RG.

Joe Satriani Ibanez JS Series

The Ibanez JS Series is a signature series of guitars endorsed by Joe Satriani and manufactured by Ibanez guitars. It is essentially the discontinued Radius Ibanez series, with Joe's select pickups installed. The JS100 is a lower end model in comparison to the JS1000 and the JS1200. The JS1000 and JS1200 feature necks that are digitally reproduced from one of Joe Satriani's guitars.

Steve Vai JEM7V

Ibanez JEM is an electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez, which was first produced in 1987. The guitar's most notable user is its co-designer, Steve Vai. As of 2006, there are five sub-models of the Ibanez JEM, which are the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555 and the Universe. Although the Ibanez JEM series is a signature

series guitar, Ibanez mass-produces several of the guitar's sub-models.

The Ibanez JEM series is heavily influenced by the superstrat concept, which is about a more aggressive guitar in terms of shape and specifications compared to the Stratocaster. Moreover, in the production process, Ibanez and Steve Vai compared the specifications of the Stratocaster, Ibanez RG and Steve's older guitars.

Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster®

A top seller with new revisions! Our Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster guitar continues to unleash the fury with new and updated features that are pure Yngwie—a deeper-scalloped fingerboard, White/Black/White pickguard, bullet truss rod nut and machine-screw neck mounting.

Fender Jazzmaster

The Fender Jazzmaster is an electric guitar that was first introduced at the 1958 NAMM show and was designed as a more upmarket instrument than the Fender Stratocaster, which was originally to replace the current Telecaster model. As its name indicates, it was initially marketed at jazz guitarists. It was later used by surf rock guitarists and, more recently, alternative rock artists.

Fender Stratocaster XII

The Fender Stratocaster XII is the 12 string version of the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar made by Fender. It was introduced in January 2005. Unlike the Fender Electric XII, it uses a Strat-style body.

The Stratocaster XII, although made in Japan was designed in the United States. An earlier model featured some slight differences compared to the model made in 2005; it had a larger bridge and saddle system similar to that of an Electric XII and an altered headstock shape with raised machine heads. It also used a 22-fret neck with a rosewood fingerboard and pearloid dots. The current version features a modified hard-tail Strat bridge, a pao ferro fretboard with 21 frets and clay dot inlays.

Fender Mustang

The Fender Mustang is an electric guitar by the Fender Musical Instruments Company, introduced in 1964 as the basis of a major redesign of Fender's student models then consisting of the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic. It was produced until 1982 and reissued in 1990.

It attained cult status in the 1990s largely as a result of its use by a number of alternative rock bands. Early examples are generally seen as the most collectable of all the short-scale Fender guitars.

The Fender Mustang is an electric guitar by the Fender Musical Instruments Company, introduced in 1964 as the basis of a major redesign of Fender's student models then consisting of the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic. It was produced until 1982 and reissued in 1990.

Fender Showmaster

The Fender Showmaster is a model of electric guitar made by Fender, and is characteristic of a superstrat.

The Showmaster is hence its most recent foray into the superstrat niche, and was introduced in 1998. Gene Baker, the masterbuilder of Fender's custom shop at the time, was responsible for the creation of this set-neck, carved top instrument. Early Showmaster models (prototypes) were originally labeled as Stratocasters on their headstocks and are very rare.

Fender Jaguar

The Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar that was introduced in 1962. The Jaguar was originally intended to be a Jazz guitar. However, it quickly caught-on in the emerging surf music scene. It was then marketed and seen as a surf guitar, along with its sister guitar, the Fender Jazzmaster, both of which became quite popular among surf rock groups in the early to mid 1960s. It became popular again in the 1990s when it was used by a number of alternative rock players. It has a rare extension called the Sierah which is used wide spread through Jazz intersection players.

Senin, 01 Oktober 2007

Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster, also known as a Tele, is typically a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar made by Fender. Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacture and popular music. Introduced for national distribution as the Broadcaster in the fall of 1950, it was the first guitar of its kind to be produced on a substantial scale. Its commercial production can be traced as far back as the spring of 1950, when the single- and dual-pickup Esquire models were first sold. From that time to the present, the Telecaster has been in continuous production in one form or another, making it the world's senior solid-body electric guitar.

Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster, (often referred to as a Strat), is a model of electric guitar designed by Leo Fender and Freddie Tavares in the early 1950s, and manufactured continuously to the present. The Stratocaster has been used by many leading guitarists, and thus can be heard on many historic recordings. Along with the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, and the Fender Telecaster, it is one of the most enduring and common models of electric guitar in the world.

The Stratocaster has been widely copied; as a result "Stratocaster" or "Strat" is often used when referring to any guitar that has the same general features as the original, regardless of manufacturer.