Selasa, 03 Juni 2008

Warr Guitar

The Warr Guitar is a relative of the Stick in that it is designed to be used by tapping the strings. However, the body style and string layout is different. Mark Warr and Emmett Chapman (designer of the Stick) got into some legal disputes a few years back, but not over the instruments themselves ... rather, it was about business and marketing tactics. The rumors that it was about the "tap" aspects of the instruments is untrue, and the dispute was settled years ago. (Thanks to Jim Reilly for this info).

Warr Guitars come in 8, 12 and 14-string varieties (14-string Phalanx series shown). There is no "standard" tuning (or rather, there are a number of "standard tunings", though Warr encourages you to try new tunings for yourself). Needless to say, the experimental nature of this instrument makes it a natural for prog musicians.

Probably the most famous Warr Guitar player today is Trey Gunn, sometime guitarist for King Crimson, who has both a Warr Guitar model and a tuning named for him. Less well-known, but every bit as good, are Mark Cook (99 Names of God, The Minefield) and Adam Levin (Dark Aether Project).

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