Minggu, 30 Maret 2008


Listen member of Cacophony plays now :

Cacophony was an American neoclassical speed metal band formed in 1986 by guitarists Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. Cacophony is often recognized for its technically challenging, neo-classical metal elements, as well as featuring two shred guitarists. The band broke up in 1989, with Friedman joining the successful thrash metal band Megadeth and Becker joining David Lee Roth's solo band.

Their first album, the predominantly instrumental Speed Metal Symphony, fused classical and hard rock styles with Friedman's preference of exotic scales (especially obvious in the song "The Ninja"). It featured exceptionally fast, melodic and technical music.

Their second release Go Off! was a more song-oriented album, while still displaying the virtuosity of the two guitarists. Besides Becker, Friedman and Marrino, it featured a new bassist and a new drummer. The drums were played by Deen Castronovo, however the picture of new drummer Kenny Stavropoulos was included on the back cover. The guitar playing is more technical and the harmonization of the lead lines and solos is different from the common twin-guitar harmonies made common in heavy metal by such bands as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Though the second album was a commercial failure, it spawned cult followings around the band. Cacophony broke up with Jason Becker joining David Lee Roth and Marty Friedman joining Megadeth. Friedman and Becker have since left Megadeth and David Lee Roth's band respectively (in Becker's case due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Both released several solo albums that include a wide variety of music.

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