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Van Halen Biography

2004 - Van Halen's reunion with Sammy Hagar comes as no shock to the music world as it has been talked about for months. Split from the band back in 1996, Hagar has enjoyed success as a solo artist, while Van Halen has fallen abit from the elite. Now with the red rocker back at the helm, the band is set to return to the number 1 hit making machine that so-well defined the hagar era.

Brothers Alex and Edward Van Halen formed the band with bassist Michael Anthony, and former front man David Lee Roth in the mid-70's. Hailing from Holland, the boys came to the United states in 1962. Both of the brothers were very interested in playing musical instruments. However, those instruments that we have come to know them excelling in wer in fact not their first instrument of choice. Eddie began playing drums, which he paid for by delivering papers, and alex began on guitar. Well as we know this would not be their musical instrument of choice, as eddie turned to guitar, and alex on drums. During their days in Pasadena, California, the brothers played in several cover bands, with edward singing. After recruiting the original line-up to the band(D. Roth, M. Anthony, E. and A. Van Halen), they set out to conquer the world. Known then as mammoth, the boys quickly changed their name to Van Halen, after it was learned that another band had already taken that name. While playing the club scene in california, another famous band front man, Gene Simmons, had taken notice to the boys.

By 1978 Van Halen was released on the Warner Brothers Record label. From there, a string of multi-platinum hit albums ensued, including Van Halen II (1979), Women and Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982), and 1984 MCMLXXXIV (1984). 1984 would be the last album that would feature Roth on vocals as he set out to pursue a solo career. This left the brothers scrambling to find a new front man for the band. Enter Sammy Hagar. The Red Rocker, as he is known by many of his fans, was a successful solo artist from the group Montrose. In 1985, Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen as lead singer, and the band's next album, 5150, took them to the No. 1 spot on the charts, a first for the band. It didnt stop there as the band had hit after hit with Hagar in front. Their next 2 albums, OU812 (1988) and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991), also were number 1's on the chart.

In 1996, Van Halen released Van Halen - Best of - Volume 1, yet another No.1 album - which included two new tracks, "Can't Get This Stuff No More" and "Me Wise Magic." Hagar was displeased with the group which had recorded the new tracks with former front man David Lee Roth. Although Roths return to the band wa short lived, the 11 year tenure for Hagar was over. Enter Gary Cherone. Cherone, former front man with the band Extreme, was very similar to Hagar and Roth. The group spent 1997 recording and writing what would be Van Halen III. Cherone's tenure with the band would be short lived as Halen fans could not bear with the new line-up.

Out of the spotlight for many years, the band laid dormant without a front man. Edward had divorced his wife of 20 years, battled Cancer, and had hip replacement surgery. During this time, anthony would join hagar on tours, birthday bashes, etc........ Warner brothers dropped Van halen from its label, and people thought they were done. Well as it turned out, Hagar and the boys have reunited to give the fans, media and everyone else something new to write about in this next chapter of the Van Halen Saga. THE SAGA CONTINUES................

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