Selasa, 31 Juli 2007

G3 Tour First Concert

What a lineup! Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, three of the world's greatest guitarists together and playing in fine form. Joe has the first three tracks, which come from three different albums. "Cool #9" is just that: cool! The number nine is from a naming system he has because he's written so many blues numbers in his spare time. "Flying in a Blue Dream" is a nice, slightly softer song that is from the same-titled cd. "Summer Song" is a classic! Amazing virtuosity and overall catchiness ensure that this is one of the fan's all-time favorites. Great video for this one as well.
Eric is next, with his amazingly precise playing and mellower tone. He is much different in style than Satch and Vai, but fits right in with three outstanding songs (two of which are different on the G3 video). "Zap" is from his album "Tones" and is a very catchy number featuring speed and skill. "Manhattan" is a more mellow, jazzy number and has a great ambient, deep sound to it. "Camel's Night Out" is a more rockin' tune that is very fun to hear.
Eric plays with such precision that it is almost like listening to the album versions. It's too bad he doesn't add to the songs, like Joe does, but oh well. Steve is last and is another guy that is incredibly precise live. Joe was impressed by this, as Steve plays so loud that it would seem that he would be distracted (he played at 126db at one point!) "Answers" is a funky song with lots of interesting sounds and is from his awesome "Passion and Warfare" album, as is "For the Love of God," a nice, well-written meaningful piece. "The Attitude Song" finishes off his set and is a treat for fans to hear because it is a better rendition than the original.
Much more attitude on this one! The album also features the three musicians coming together for three cool songs. "Going Down" is a good blues number for them all to play on to create a very layered (obviously) sound. "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama" is a weird/funny/rough cover of a Frank Zappa tune and they do a nice job. "Red House" is the Jimi Hendrix classic and is decently done, though I like Jimi singing it much more than Eric Johnson.
Overall, this is a very good cd and I recommend that you pick up the G3 video too. Then you get to see the men behind the instruments, including Steve's excellent guest-guitarist, the incomparable Mike Keneally! Please look up this video and read my review of it as well. I expand on my thoughts of Mike Keneally in it. Buy both, sit back and be amazed!

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